In front of 450 colleagues,

Éva was full of energy as she rose to speak. 

"Twenty years ago, in this very lecture hall, I prepared to be a teacher and leader of the communist party in Hungary."

It was ironic to be meeting in the former headquarters for the Budapest Communist Party.  As Éva continued, she took irony to a new, mysterious level.

"At the symposium this weekend I have learned more than I did in the three years I studied here in this school.  I will feed on this teaching for the next twenty years.  So far in my teaching career I have taken Marx and Lenin to school.  Now, I will go back and take Jesus to school."

As she said Jesus, Éva raised her hand to her mouth, her eyebrows shot up and she exclaimed,  "Oh.  Is that okay?  I am not a believer yet!"

Gábor and I had our next newsletter.  Another great work of Jesus was unfolding before our very eyes.

Thousands of educators in post-communist Hungary are characters in a wonderful story of God's love and power being told beyond the Iron Curtain. 

Dismantling the Iron Curtain in 1989


Is a story of God's burden being shared with His people, envisioning them to live in glad surrender for His glory.  

Is a story of God using unimaginably weak people to show others the enduring faithfulness of His love.  

Is a story of the great works that God can accomplish through broken people of prayer. 

And a story of people from two cultures merging to forge a friendship that would last forever.