God is doing a unique work in our day. Kingdom leaders are gathering to hear the voice of need in our cities, to allow God to burden them and to build trust and dream together. They unite so as to take collaborative action – all to advance the mission of Jesus Christ as we meet the cities deepest needs and show that Jesus and His gospel are better than anyone can possibly imagine!

Leaders from the private, public and social sectors are convinced that they need to synergize to wield their collective influence. Men and women are finding their cause and living out God’s purpose in unity with others. In networks they pray, dream and make plans, asking: “What is God’s vision for our city? Where is His love unknown? Where has His Gospel not gone? What does He want us to do together to bless the city?  How can we unite to remove the shadow of evil’s darkness?”  

Conveners are committed to connect, collaborate with and catalyze Kingdom citizens, leaders and resources to create Gospel impact initiatives in each domain of the city. Therefore, we will support, join and help develop city leadership networks and conveners who bring Kingdom leaders in a city together. Our hope is to accelerate strategic collaboration for the Gospel transformation and well-being of cities.  We’ll join with others to call Kingdom citizens to Jesus, to each other and to the city, so that every man, woman and child may know His Gospel, experience His love and enter a discipleship relationship that encourages them to follow Christ wholeheartedly.

In our story, The Outrageous Promise, we share how God launched a unique collaboration in Hungary back in 1994 that is still going strong. It is called "Youth at the Threshold of Life" (YTL). By the grace of God, YTL is both a movement and an effective collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health, thousands of educators and public schools, the National Police of Hungary, churches of all kinds, military educators, public health agencies, faith-based non-profits (like Cru), the educational arm of the Catholic Church, and more.

We've discovered that certain essentials are needed for effective collaboration. These are principles shared by our partners and colleagues around the world.

Essentials for High Level Collaboration (from Cru's WSN/Global Missions and City ministries)

1.      Relationship first. 

2.      Everyone has needs, something to give and something to learn.

3.      Full disclosure - tolerating each other will sow seeds of distance and disunity.

4.      Honor all at all times publicly and privately. 

5.      The mission is important - it’s what brings us together.

6.      Rich diversity with one voice and one plan – creating and determining the way forward together. 

If you speak Hungarian, we invite you to check out our web page at http://fek.hu/