A pressing question

We all experience pressures. These pressures repeat loud, disturbing, unavoidable, questions in our mind creating deep anxiety. When Jesus repeats those question, then we know, we truly are having a problem to face.

“Where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?” (John 6:5b) – surprised Jesus his disciple, Philip with this question. A question that brought the brutal reality of hunger to an unavoidable proximity.

The familiar “bread-question” we all deal with daily! Where to get it from? This question creates daily anxiety in us. How will we provide for our children? How will we pay our bills? “Jesus, if you are asking the same question from me, then we are truly in deep water!”

Of course, Jesus was not asking this question, because he didn’t know the answer, but he had other purposes by facing Philip with the brutal reality.

By emphasizing the surrounding reality through his question, Jesus:

  • offered an opportunity to Philip to discover his will;
  • wanted to reveal his glory;
  • wanted to involve Philip in his miracle;
  • wanted Philip’s faith to grow;
  • and wanted to meet the people’s needs.

The pressing questions of life coming from the mouth of Jesus are opportunities to discover his will, to reveal his glory, to involve us in his miracles, to grow our faith and to meet our needs.

What is your brutal reality that comes with pressing, unavoidable questions to you?

Do you see them as opportunities in Jesus’ hands for you to discover His will, to see His glory, to experience His miracles, to grow in your faith and to see your needs fulfilled?

I have a lot of those pressing questions! Plenty of opportunities to meet with Him!

Offended by Jesus

Zachariah and Elizabeth prayed for a child for decades without any answer (Luke 1:13). When finally God answers they’ve probably already given up. It was too late, they were too old for barring a child. Zachariah’s reaction proved that. They were godly people, yet bad things have happened to them and life didn’t turn out the way they've expected: there love were not bearing fruit and their prayers were not bringing results.

God’s will and timing most times doesn’t match with ours or with how we imagine and plan things. We struggle when God is mapping out things in our life the way we think it should not be mapping out. When we don’t understand what God is doing, we are questioning him, just as John the Baptist questioned Jesus: "are you the one?" (Luke 7). Jesus answered John’s struggle: “blessed is the one who is not offended by me” (Luke 7:22). When God doesn’t do things the way you are expecting him to do, are you offended by him? Or are you trusting in him.

God delights in doing the impossible. God delights in visiting us when we don’t expect him to visit us, like a barren woman who was too old to conceive (Luke 1:12). God delights in doing things in a way we don’t have control over. God delights in doing things when we don’t expect him to do it. God delights in doing things according to his timetable which absolutely different then ours. Is it too late for me to do what God wants to do through my life? Am I too old for a change? Zachariah thought so, that’s why he received God’s will with doubt. Are you doubting God’s invitation or being offended by Him?

God places and sends people where he wants, when he wants and how he wants. John the Baptits knew he was sent by God. He didn’t chose this for himself, God decided that for him before he was born. His position, calling, responsibility was given to him. When God invites us into his work, we have to give up control and fully be dependent on Him. He will demand evidences of that faith.

When God invites us into his work, people will not understand it and they don’t see God’s purposes and plans in our life. People didn’t understand John, nor Jesus. (Luke 7:33-35.) One was perceived demon-possessed, the other as a glutton and a drunkard. They both were misread, misunderstood and misrepresented by others while they both were in the middle of God’s will.

When you yourself don’t understand God’s calling, doing and timing in your life and it seems so questionable, just like it seemed to Zachariah; and when other’s don’t understand God’s plan in your life either, remember this:

  1. God is God and we are not. He is always right and we are not.
  2. God’s will is always perfect, good, taylormade and best for us.
  3. God works in our life with his grace. Whatever he does, his grace is doing it for our best.
  4. God’s work will rarely match our expectations, plans, desires and timetable.
  5. We must trust in what God is doing and how he is doing it. It’s his ministry, his territory, his ownership.

When you don’t understand God, are you offended by Him? Blessed are you, if you are not!

Unwalked Path

Motto: The harder the road, the greater the grace. Phil 1:29

Standing alone at a scary fork
Staring ahead to the unwalked road.

Looking right and looking left,
There are lots of attractive, occupied paths.

But something inside forces his head
To turn to this foggy, unwalked path.

The path which led to the fork he is at
Lacked the populous footprints he wished so bad.

His path was stormy and full of traps
Circled with miracles as he inched ahead.

The hidden battles of the unwalked path
Flare up the memories of the painful past,
Casting a shadow for the future ahead.

Facing the unknown once more again
Tempting the Errant turning away
Choosing the easy, well-paved way
Luring his heart choosing the fame.

Gazing the unwalked path ahead
Fearing the future, grieving the past
Forces the Errant just want to rest.

Lifting his eye up lets him to see
There is a footprint on the fallen leaves.

His loving Provider and faithful Guide
Turning His head back, calling him: "Come!"

"Don't be afraid of what you don't know!
Just trust in the One whom you do know!
I won the battles you fought so far.
I saved the children you love so much.
Keep looking the One who brought you this far
And not to the path that scares you afar.
I'll be your Guide, don't be afraid,
Nothing will change just the path you will take!"

Bravely the Errant lifted his head
Picked up his armor and made a first step
Onto the unknown, unwalked path
Only his Savior knows where it led.